exhibition visits by Messe Turkey

Face to Face Visits 1 : Trade Show Visits

face to face marketing fair visit

One of the keys to success of promotion of an exhibition is “visits”. Messe Turkey team cares about visits, especially trade shows in Turkey. The very potential exhibitors of a trade fair are found in other related trade fairs. Because of that, we visit the exhibitions in Turkey and communicate with the exhibitors to promote your trade show.

As an organizer you might be interested in visiting important international trade shows in Turkey to promote your show. Actually we support this attitude: it is always a strong and serious tool to point a foreign organizer to a Turkish potantial exhibitor to convince them for participation. If you decide to come Turkey we welcome you, assist your promotion, introduce you to Turkish companies during the fair, we point you the important companies to able to convince them for their participation at your show.

We also keep our databases fresh and updated by this trade fair visits. Changed position of decision makers, new stuff, and retired people are determined and noted in this very face to face trade shows. These trade show visits sometimes turn to roadshow for us hence not all the shows are organizing in Istanbul we located.

Bursa, Konya, Ankara, and Antalya are the other important cities of Turkey that big shows are organizing in different industry. If there is an exhibition will be organized in those cities, our team plans a well and exhaustive city visit plan including the trade show, office visits for the companies and industrial zone visits that located in that city.