work with us We Manage Participation Processes

Let the exhibitor sign the participation agreement is just the beginning of the whole journey. We care about from beginning to the end of their participation process.

turkish agriculture sector in trade shows

We manage participation processes.

Between a foreign participant and foreign organizer, there would be a lack of communication that might bear big stresses. With a simple sample: to get the catalog information from the participant would be a disaster for an organizer. If you don't publish it because they haven't sent it, the stress will be moved to a crisis between the parties.

We know what you need and when you need it. We follow the obligations of the participants. We track their payments, catalog entries and documents to be signed on time. Thus, in addition to effective marketing, we also perform effective participation management.

Not only for organizer but also for the exhibitor, there are some dark sides needed to be cleared. It is because Messe Turkey is a "Bridge" between both parties. We solve all the problems and answer all the questions of both parties to able to let them proceed a smooth and enjoyable participation.

A potantial exhibitor would hesitate to sign an agreement, not because of the budget but that is the beginning of unknown and unfamiliar journey. We turn it an enjoyable advanture to them.