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Face to Face Visits 2 : Office Visits

face to face marketing office visit

It is because participation an exhibition is not the potantial companies main business, they migh lost their intention after a while. Not only because loosing their intention, but also because they have question marks in their mind would be the reason.

In that case, face to face meetings is being very effective. We don't have language barriers to explain the advantages of your exhibition and they don't act uncommunicatively. They ask every detail and we clarify their questions. If they have lost their intention, we re-explain the advantageous of the exhibition and the market.

Also, some companies are bigger than the others and would be cared more carefully and professionally. If they are interested in participation of your trade fair, we ask an appointment to make face to face introduction.

Apart from that, you might be interested in company visits on their own offices. We care about all details. We make effective visitng program for you, we visit the companies together and make translation of your introduction. That also being very effective to convince them to participate the show. A nice sightseeing of historical and amazing city of Istanbul will be a bonus for us to enjoy.