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a. about us

We promote and sell your exhibition: Messe Turkey is an effective marketing and sales agency to promote your trade show in Turkish market.

Affiliated marketing with Turkish Exporter Associations.

Messe Turkey has a close relation and cooperation with Turkish exporter associations to let them inform their members about trade show opportunities.

Strong Turkish Exporter Company Databases.

Apart from the associations, Messe Turkey has a strong company database that individually separated for each industry to able to promote the trade fairs to them.

Face-to-face sales especially in national Exhibitions.

Messe Turkey sales team visit the Turkish exhibitions not only in Istanbul but also in Izmir, Ankara, Konya, and Antalya to reach potential exhibitors for promoting trade shows.

30 Years Experience as Exhibition Sales Agent.

Messe Turkey team is experienced in exhibition sales and promotion. We promote your trade fair to let you gain potential exhibitors. Don't leave any potential exhibitor company behind not heart about your exhibition.

Messe Turkey
International Exhibitions Calendar

b. more than 100 international exhibitions represented by Messe Turkey are listed


messe turkey 2020 calendar

Messe Turkey Exhibition Agency proud to represent more than 200 international exhibitions and gain thousands of Turkish companies to represented exhibitions.

As a tradeshow agency, Messe Turkey publishing an annual calendar for Turkish exporters/potential exhibitors helps for their 2020 participation plans: International Exhibitions Calendar 2020 of Messe Turkey.

User-friendly interface International Exhibitions Calendar 2020 of Messe Turkey shows the trade fairs with their name, how many years it has been organizing, the industry, country and the city that is organizing. And strong search engine lets the companies find out the exhibitions by simply writing the search words on the search box. The list automatically narrowed regarding the search without discriminated if the word belongs to the city, exhibition name, industry or country.

Additionally, organizers are supported by Turkish webpage of their exhibitions under Messe Turkey. Information about the country, the tradeshow, advantageous of the trade fair especially for Turkish exhibitors are underlined in those webpages. If the tradeshow has a Turkish webpage under Messe Turkey, it is indicated on the list with " " button.

Promotion Steps
For Your Trade Show

c. how we promote your exhibition

Our Promotion Steps.

1. E-mail Marketing

Messe Turkey has a wide range of industrial company databases. All databases have been divided to specific industries as...

2. Phone Marketing

We call the companies if they are important or if they feedback us by e-mail but no process until then or...

3. SMS and Whatsapp Marketing

The database of export managers and responsible people of exhibitions will be informed about your exhibition by...

Our Face to Face Visits.

1. Trade Show Visits.

One of the keys to success of promotion of an exhibition is “visits”. Messe Turkey team cares about visits, especia...

2. Office visits.

Some companies are bigger than others and would be cared more carefully and professionally. If they are interested...

3. Industrial Zone Visits.

There are some manufacturing clusters in Turkey. Some of them are huge and very famous that small and big companies...

Messe Turkey Has
Potantial Exhibitor Databases
In Different Industries

d. which industries we are promoting

Messe Turkey is promoting your trade fair to the wide range of industries that are Turkish market is strong and has a potantial to participate related international exhibitions.

machinery messe
Turkey Has Strong Industry Fields

If you are organizing an exhibition related to Building, Construction, Textile, Plastic, Packaging, Printing, Textile Machinery, Horeca, Agriculture, Food, Metal, Energy, Electricity, Furniture, Wood, Machinery or Automotive industries we can reach potantial exhibitors for your trade show.

As an example, there are about 300 Turkish exhibitors in Heim Textil that 7 times bigger than other country exhibitors.Above mentioned industries has also same kind of samples in famous international exhibitions.

You can catch also the same opportunity for your trade show. Messe Turkey is ready to cooperate with you to promote your exhibition to related industries to let you gain more exhibitors.

Messe Turkey's Promoted Industries.
Please visit the below link for more details about the promoted sectors.

List of industries

industrial exhibitions
industry agriculture
textile trade fairs

Communication Steps
With Potantial Turkish Exhibitors
For Your Organization

e. work with us.

We care about your exhibition, your exhibitors for your success

Reaching Potential Exhibitors

Today, it is easy to reach a foreign company to promote your exhibition: a simple e-mail.

Reaching Potential Exhibitors
Communicating With Potential Exhibitors

How does a foreign organizer agree with a potential participant in a...

Communicating with potential exhibitors
Introducing To a Potential Exhibitor

Can you express why a Turkish company should participate in your exhibition? In general, the organizers cannot expr...

Introducing to a potential exhibitor
We Manage Participation Processes

Between a foreign participant and foreign organizer, there would be a lack of communication that might bear big str...

manage participation processes

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