e-mail marketing by Messe Turkey

Promotion Step 1 : E-mail marketing


Messe Turkey has a wide range of industrial company databases. We start promotion by matching your trade show to industries. Regarding the match, we start promotional e-mails to the targeted industries.

All Messe Turkey databases have been divided to specific industries as Building and Construction, Food, Agriculture, Printing and Packaging, Textile, Automotive, Furniture, Metal, Machinery.

Not only the companies but also the related industry associations and federations informed about your exhibition. By this way, they inform their members about your trade fair.

When a company feedback us regarding our e-mail, they usually ask the details about your exhibition: how many years it has been organizing, how much space only participation price, what is the shell scheme stand spesifications, when is the exhibition… We start communication with this company until they sign a participation agreement with you.