Trade Show Industries

Messe Turkey is promoting your trade fair to the wide range of industries in Turkey to gain more exhibitors to your exhibition.

construction1 image construction2 image construction3 image

Building & Construction.

Technologies, materials, machineries

database: 12.000

metalworking1 image metalworking2 image metalworking3 image

Metalworking & Metal Processing.

Welding, Foundry, Steel, Tube&Pipes and more

database: 6.000

machinery1 image machinery2 image machinery3 image

Machinery and Industrial Technologies.

Textile, Packaging, Mining, Woodworking and more

database: 15.000

textile1 image textile2 image textile3 image

Textile, Home Textile, Fabrics & Fashion.

Home textile, fabrics, oem, fashion, garment and more

database: 12.000

energy1 image energy2 image energy3 image

Energy, Environment and Water Technologies.

Generation, supply, lighting, cables and more

database: 6.000

furniture1 image furniture2 image furniture3 image

Furniture & Interior Design.

Home, office, hotel, flooring, tableware and more

database: 8.000

hotel-restaurant1 image
hotel-restaurant2 image
hotel-restaurant3 image

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Industry.

Equipments, furnitures, upholstery, decoration and more

database: 7.500

agriculture1 image
agriculture2 image
agriculture3 image

Agriculture, Food and Food Processing Industry .

Food processing, Food&Drink, Agriculture Technologies and more

database: 12.000

plastics1 image plastics2 image plastics3 image

Plastics, Printing & Packaging Industry.

Packaging, Labelling, Rubber, Materials, Mechnologies and more

database: 8.000

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