work with us Reaching Potential Exhibitors

Messe Turkey has a strong and updated Turkish companies database which has been seperated to individual sectors.

turkish agriculture sector in trade shows

Reaching Potential Exhibitors.

Today, it is easy to reach a foreign company to promote your exhibition: a simple e-mail. However, most emails sent in English remain in the spam box and 90% of them are deleted before they are read. Also, you can reach the potential exhibitors by phone but the biggest problem you will face is English. Neither you nor your companies native language is English and you try will struggle to agree with them on the phone.

We reach the potential Turkish exhibitors with our own database. Our database has been separated into the different industries. We also follow the local or international industrial fairs organized in Turkey. We visit and meet face to face with the potential exhibitors. We communicate with them on the phone in Turkish and measure whether they are interested in your exhibition.

Turkish exhibitors will be introduced about your exhibition in their own language and culture.