Phone Marketing by Messe Turkey

Promotion Step 2 : Phone Marketing

Promotion Step 1 phone marketing

We call the companies if they are important or if they feedback us by e-mail but no process until then or if we already have good relationships with them.

Usually, companies lost their interest after asking questions about the exhibitions. It is because participation an exhibition is not their main business, it is just a tool for them. In that case, we call them and ask what they have decided. If they lost their intention, we re-explain the advantageous of the exhibition and the market.

On the other hand, some of the companies are more important to not wait until their feedback from e-mailings. We call important companies responsible people to let them know about this trade show. These kinds of companies do not have budget problems: They usually participate with high m2.

By the way, we have good relationship with some companies that we know which markets they are interested in and if they would be interested in your trade fair or not. Regarding our experience and communication with those companies, we call and inform them about your exhibition.