industrial zone visits by Messe Turkey

Face to Face Visits 3 : Industrial Zone Visits

face to face marketing factory visit

There are some manufacturing clusters in Turkey at different cities. Some of them are really huge and very famous. Small and big companies of a specific industry are located in those zones. If they are interested in, they keep in touch with the company to finalize their participation after their city visit.

Sometimes, especially in trade fair visits in other cities of Turkey, our team planning and realize a grueling promotion process in that kind of zones. They visit every company, reach the responsible person, shake their hands and give a short brief your trade show.

The industrial zones are located in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Konya, Gaziantep and Denizli. Those cities are also famous for some specific industries as Textile, Metalworking, Machinery, Furniture, Agriculture, Packaging and Plastics.

The industrial zone visits giving us an amazing opportunity to reach the companies all together in one place as we visit a trade show. So, our sales team planning city visits just for industrial zones to promote Exhibitions.